Fashionesque was started in 2014 when our founder Ayanda discovered a love for all things vintage. She was disappointed to find that conventional stores did not offer vintage-inspired clothing, as well as that they did not cater to her body shape and size (said all woman everywhere!). So, she decided to scour the nooks and crannies of Johannesburg, in search of all the vintage clothes ever worn by everyone’s granny, mother and aunt.


Having created a unique style marrying modern aesthetics and vintage designs, colleagues and friends began asking Ayanda to find them something similar: a skirt here, a dress there. Positive word of mouth created the need to create a platform where potential customers could contact us if they were in need of a particular item. And so, Fashionesque was born. .


We at Fashionesque have one philosophy: making fashion accessible to the everyday woman, that fits them and their lifestyle. As mentioned, our style is based on vintage clothing (think shoulder pads and high-waisted pants); we also incorporate a modern touch to our design and styling, enabling us to cater to women of all walks of life.

Founder & Designer, Buyer

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Ayanda: Sagittarius; Mom; roams an office in the day; roams the fashion corners the rest of the time; fashionista with a love for all things bright. Founder extraordinaire, designer-in-chief, buyer. Basically, The Boss.


Karabo: Aries; Ayanda’s super-sister; budding scientist by day; book worm by night; Bollywood superfan; sports, but a real girly-girl on the inside. Creative director, part-time photographer, general administrator. Basically, The Right-Hand Woman.

Creative Director & Designer

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